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Christoforos Christodoulou (Cyprus - Greece)

Updated: 13-03-2017 17:04

– Objects (exhibition)
Title: Chess & Monopoly
Venue: Romantso
Date: 16-20 March 2017



Games… (chess and monopoly) / 72 (w) x 77 (l) x 20 (h) cm each

By painting, or constructing objects, Christoforos Christodoulou is able to hold materials in his hands and mold them into something solid and real. The final products are a visual diary and the collection of works find their inspiration in the personal experiences of the artist, an expression best to modern sculpture. Also incorporates the interaction between the abstract, human relationships and daily familiar images. Influences from pop culture, together with references to conceptual art, provide a highly subjective view and commentary on the present state of contemporary art.



Christoforos Christodoulou CV

Christoforos Christodoulou has spent his studies in Athens School of Fine Arts and in University of Barcelona. His childhood was a tropical one and grew under the hot sun which burnt his forehead and shaped his dreams. Living perennially between mythology and history has made salient his ability of transforming and transcending the material world through art.