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Ienke Kastelein (Holland)

Updated: 13-03-2017 17:38

– Participative performance
Title: (H)EAR (T)HERE
Venue: Vryssaki
Date: 19 & 20 March 2017
Hour: 10:30-12:00




The participants will gather as a group of people in a space, walk around and have a seat according to a protocol, listen to the sounds around them with eyes closed.

After a while some of them will take the others on a virtual walk outside using a mobile phone.

It is an attempt to explore the liminal space between one and other and the places we’re in by listening and focusing on being in a material space together and subsequently extent this to a mental space to those who are elsewhere.


Ienke Kastelein CV

Ienke Kastelein is an interdisciplinary artist interested in perception and the senses. She is engaged in context and habitat. Hence walking and sitting have become essential research methods as well as performances practices. She holds a BA in History of Art (Utrecht University) and studied photography.