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Alexandra Pambouka (Cyprus) / Nadia Hatzimitraga (Greece)

Updated: 13-03-2017 17:42

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Title: Bodies of Nature | Flows of the Physical

a. Venue: Romantso
Date: 16-19 March 2017

b. Venue: Vrilissia (N. Engonopoulos Hall)
Date: 18 March 2017
Hour: 15:30 - 17:00



Title: Bodies of Nature | Flows of the Physical

Year: 2016

Medium: branches, wax, twine, recycled paper, 3d digital (video)


Nadia and Alexandra have both undertaken artistic practice at the national park of Prespa in northwestern Greece. Their joint work references this shared experience of the in situ effect of natural elements: large bodies of water moving across the landscape, mountain morphologies, vegetation patterns, etc. Their artwork is a combination of methods, spanning ancient techniques, traditional drawing and 3d digital design, former into a new “body”.



Alexandra Pambouka CV

Alexandra Pambouka was born in Nicosia, Cyprus in 1993. She graduated from the Fine Art School of Florina in Greece in 2016. She has participated in several group exhibitions, projects and workshops. She is currently an apprentice in basketmaking in the UK, aiming to create contemporary artworks using traditional craft methods, inspired by nature. Video


Nadia Hatzimitraga CV

Nadia Hatzimitraga is a Greek visual artist and an architecture researcher, educated in the States and the Netherlands. She has worked on numerous projects relating to the natural environment and has specialized in advanced digital design. She has participated in international exhibitions relating to design, digital art, art & science.