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Alexandra Pambouka (Cyprus)

Updated: 13-03-2017 17:43

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Title: House - Nature (2015)
a. Venue: Romantso 
Date: 16-19 March 2017
b. Venue: Vrilissia (N. Engonopoulos Hall)
Date: 18 March 2017
Hour: 15:30 - 17:00


Man searched out, built shelters – houses in order to be protected from wild animals and natural phenomena. It was one of his needs for survival. Nowadays, humans live in a sterile environment he made and eliminates any unwanted "invader" away from his residence (by using insecticidal sprays, antibacterial liquids, etc.). My concern is whether this environment which we have built in order for it to ''protect'' us and make us feel safe, is in fact taking us away from the natural world and we end up living in isolation from the environment which we came from.


Alexandra Pambouka CV

Alexandra Pambouka was born in Nicosia, Cyprus in 1993. She graduated from the Fine Art School of Florina in Greece in 2016. She has participated in several group exhibitions, projects and workshops. She is currently an apprentice in basketmaking in the UK, aiming to create contemporary artworks using traditional craft methods, inspired by nature.