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Georgia Gremouti (Greece)

Updated: 13-03-2017 16:25

– Sculpture (performance)

Title: To recall means to transform

Venue: Numismatic Museum

Date: 16-22 March 2017

Hour: 12:00 - 16:00



“To recall means to transform” is a sculpture - interaction piece that engages with a statue, in the form of partially covering it with a nexus of polygon paper modules. This process of transformation is at the core of this performance-sculptural installation as it gradually and in real time spreads on the body of the statue like a virus.  The structures explore the intersection of art, history and technology. They act as a second, 21st century skin. The whole process invites the public to watch the reconstruction of the ancient body.

This intervention is about our relationship with memory and history, the transformation of the past, the distance between the ancient culture and today’s reality, the legacy of our ancient heritage and how we manage it in a historical, political and technological context.


Georgia Gremouti CV

Georgia Gremouti is a visual artist and a musician. She graduated from Massachusetts College of Art, Fine Arts (sculpture) BA, Boston, 1998, attended textile design courses at Central Saint Martins, London 2007, and has a classical guitar diploma (Athens Conservatory), Athens 1987. Her work focuses on the themes of identity, metamorphosis and evolution combining a wide range of media including sculpture, jewelry, installation and performance. She is currently a teacher at Chalkis School and gives seminars in Greece and abroad.



-“Joya mention” Gioielli In Fermento, Italy 2015
-“Joya mention” Gioielli In Fermento, Italy 2014
– First prize at the “African American” exhibition, Southeastern University, Boston, 1998
– Scholarship by the British Council, 1991
– First Prize at Karis international festival, Finland, 1987
– First Prize at Volos international music festival, 1987
– Honour distinction at Estergom international music festival, Hungary, 1986


Selected Exhibitions

- Gioielli in Fermento exhibition, Italy, 2016 and 2014
-"New Territories" Ilias Lalaounis Jewelry Museum, Athens 2016
-“Women’s of Mykonos Clothes: A study in Aegean Civilization”, Katakouzenou Foundation, Athens, Greece 2015
– Holland Paper Biennial, Rijswijk, Holland, 2012
– Aphrodite 2012: Sacred and Profound Purifications, Bath-House of the Winds, Athens 1012. (On the occasion of the assumption of Presidency of the EU Council by the Cyprus Republic, for the 2nd half of 2012)
– Slow down rooms, an exhibition of the AAO project, Ethics/Aesthetics, Benaki Museum, 2011
– False ID, Benaki Museum, organised by the Benaki museum shop, 2010
– 12|12, Lacoste, Benaki Museum, 2007
– 3+Converse, Maria Gouma Gallery, Nauplion, Greece, 2006
– Colonies, Andronikos Gallery, Athens, 2004
– African-American, Southeastern University, Boston, USA, 1998
– Visions, Artists for Humanities Gallery, Boston, USA, 1997