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the Milena principle & Stefaan van Biesen (Belgium)

Updated: 13-03-2017 17:28

– Photographs / Video / Soundscape / Soundwalk with smartphone outdoors
Title: Flyways
Venue: Romantso
Date: 16-20 March 2017


'Sea Born', video with sound

'Hythlodaeus', soundscape

Performance video 'Sea Born'and soundscape 'Hythlodaeus': texts 'Unfolding the City' by Geert Vermeire, 'Siren' by Stefaan van Biesen. The videos and soundscapes are based on performances and field recordings by Geert Vermeire and Stefaan van Biesen made in Venice and later in Antwerp, inspired by Utopia of Thomas More, specifically referring to the map of Utopia made by Ambrosius Holbein in 1518, in the frame of The Cities and Memory: Utopia project (UK). The project creates something new from the words of Thomas More and the collective imagination of artists around the world – an entirely new Utopia of sound, creating a new soundscape imagining how Utopia (and the society living in it) might sound. 

An album, entitled Utopia, was be released via

Video: 3 minutes

Soundscape: 20 minutes


"Flyways" flowing - flying, walking and sound inspired by flyways of insects, their trajectories and traces... Flyways is composed by an indoor installation and augmented reality audio scenes, integrating virtual 3D sound sources combining outdoor space, movement and sound, in a site specific sound walk. It focuses on the visual and sound imagery of traces of the dragonfly. Besides, it imbricates philosophical thinking with a bio-geometric dimension through which the nature itself creates fractal patterns. In bio-geometry, the design of motion and sound design are a spontaneous adjustment of the vibrations of the biotope, or, in other words, a fine-tuning of the surrounded energy. Throughout this ‘mantra’ of the nature reflected in the vibration of the dragonfly’s aerodynamic – famous in the world of insects for its capacity to move in six directions – life follows the breath of the wind and becomes a flowing design of transformation,

Installation and augmented reality audio scenes.