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Andromachi Vrakatseli (Greece) / Young Artists Refugees of Filippiada camp

Updated: 13-03-2017 17:32

– Sound Installations
Work#1: The politics of urban silence
Work#2: The soundscapes of flow
Venue: Romantso
Date: 16-20 March 2017



The Politics of Urban Silence

Silences and quiet sounds are heard at the center of Athens especially after demonstrations against the economic crisis. The noise of the protesters is already an acoustic memory. The artwork The Politics of Urban Silence is a sound installation that presents the transformation of Athens in the midst of crisis from a noisy capital into a ghost town. During demonstrations the voices and the movement on the street are transmitted as vibrations inside metallic objects, such as columns and railings. These vibrations of the demonstrations are recorded with contact microphones and mixed as acoustic memory with the subsequent silence. The artwork aims to show the emptiness of urban space as reverberation of a demonstration; silence as a political stance.


Work#2: The soundscapes of flow

The Soundscape of Flow. At the end nothing is stationary. The endless movement of life through the sounds around us that are constantly changing: The river flowing, the cicadas, the children laughing, the song, the trees waving their branches. Recordings made by the refugees in the camp of Filippiada, Greece showing tangible proof and way of living the words of Heraclitus "Everything flows and nothing stands still" Recording made during art therapy workshop of AMAKA. The soundscape is an artistic practice that describes a landscape through the recordings of its sounds. Concept and Production: Andromachi Vrakatseli


Andromachi Vrakatseli CV

Andromachi Vrakatseli explores the world through sound and photography. She is a PhD candidate at the University of the Aegean in the field of «sound art and exhibition space». In the context of her postgraduate studies in Music Technology department at the University of York she specialized in interactive art technologies (sound, movement, photography). She collaborates with EMST National Museum of Contemporary Art, Eugenides Foundation, Cultural Foundation of Piraeus Bank Group etc in educational programs about sound, image and digital media. She had a bachelor in drums. She also works with photography since 1995 and she teaches it. Soundscapes