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Manos Lamprakis

The playwright Manos Lambrakis, inspired by Hadrian's love story to his favorite Antinous, writes a poem, dedicated to the memory of Lefteris Vogiatzis, Greek actor and director. The title of the poem comes from Aristaenetus, 5th A.D.


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ANTINOUS: A Poem. Fernando António Nogueira Pessoa

The poem ANTINOUS by Fernando António Nogueira Pessoa has been written direct in English in 1915 and released in 1918. The poem has translated into Greek by poet Kostas Landavos and published by Armos Editions in 2006.


Can the qualms of conscience of a human being (or Emperor) anreflect his inner self? The artist Orestis Symvoulidis uses digital sculpture in an attempt to provide an answer by creating compositions that deconstruct the limits of the portrait.